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Wedding Music and Music Policy, Partners against Piracy.

We cover a huge range of musical tastes and genres, from old time music through, chart and pop to Dance and Trance music.

We carry music from 1950 - Present Chart. Covering all the common categories such as;

Easy Listening, Background, Dinner, Rock, Soft Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, Reggae, Swing, Ballroom, Country, Latin, European, Scottish, Irish, Pop, Dance, Club, Trance, House, Hard House and various other specific taste categories.

We have a very extensive collection of tracks from the 1970's and 1980's as these often prove the most popular.

We always ask for clients to provide a brief music breakdown or track list, we find that this helps us provide a much more customised function for them without us having to guess their tastes in music.
We feel it is very important to gather as much information prior to any event as this reflects back in the success of all our functions to date.

We also accept requests during the event and will fit these into the music format, we try not to jump from genre to genre sporadically but keep to a nice flow in the music throughout the evening, thus giving everyone the chance to dance to their favourite music.

Should we receive requests prior to the event and we do not have these in our collection, we will strive to obtain the requested music in time for your event. We don't like to disappoint anyone!

Should a client be unsure of the type of music they would like for general dancing or even their own first dance, we are more than happy to consult with our clients and advice them on the best approach for a memorable function.

HeadlineDJ purchases all of it's music, and does not participate in any illegal or unauthorized practices.
Although at many functions we opt to use a Digital system, this is in no way illegal and is in full adherence to the MCPS and PPL Licensing Authorities.

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