HeadlineDJ - PAT and PLI

Portable Appliance Test and Public Liability Insurance

HeadlineDJ follows a very strict regime when it comes to equipment reliability and safety. PAT is in place for a reason!
We conduct regular checks and perform maintenance before it becomes an issue.
HeadlineDJ will always carry these certificates when attending a wedding so you can be assured we will never be refused entry to your venue.
Most venues now require a minimum Public Liability Insurance cover of up to 5 Million, HeadlineDJ is insured for 10 Million and our cover is Worlwide!

We are also a full member of The Musicians Union which provides clients and ourselves with further cover and assurances.

Remember - More Venues are now Demanding DJs to have valid PAT and PLI for legal reasons.
Always insist on checking your DJ has PLI and PAT

If you have ever wondered what PAT and PLI are referring to, then please read on.

HeadlineDJ goes to great lengths to ensure we have everything ready for your wedding Reception.
We always arrive ahead of time, we always make sure your chosen music is ready, and we are always dressed for the occasion.
In Fact HeadlineDJ takes everything seriously and that includes the health and safety of you and your guests.
We ensure this by having in place PAT and PLI Certification.

PAT or Portable Appliance Testing

HeadlineDJ follows a Schedule, where ALL our electrical equipment is Inspected and Safety Tested.

HeadlineDJ ensures that cables, plugs, sockets and appliances are free from defect.

HeadlineDJ also tests for other faults that could otherwise disrupt your Wedding Reception.

Every Item that is required to be tested will have a tested sticker visibly attached.

Items are Tested regardless no matter how many times they have been used.

Even Certain Items that do not legally require testing are tested to ensure 100% safety and reliability.

A Testing Certificate can be produced upon Request, and will be available at every function.

PLI or Public Liability Insurance

HeadlineDJ is covered by Public Liability Insurance.

You and Your Guests are covered under our policy whilst we are performing our services.

You and Your Guests are covered against any Injury incurred as a result of HeadlineDJ.

Limit of Indemnity is 10,000,000 Sterling. Yes! Ten Million Pounds Sterling.

The Policy is Regulated by The Financial Services Authority.

The Policy is provided by a TUV UKQA ISO9002:1994 Registered Company.

The Policy incurs a 100.00, ONE HUNDRED POUNDS excess, payable by HeadlineDJ.

Proof of Policy will be presented on Request, and will be available at every function.

HeadlineDJ operates a safe, legal and professional service. Details are always available for review.

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HeadlineDJ is a Non-Smoking DJ Service
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