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About HeadlineDJ - Who we are

HeadlineDJ has been around for some time.

We started working the DJ circuit back in 1987, since that time we have worked in the club scene,
local radio and exhibition events, thus giving us a wide experience and have done Weddings exclusively now for over 9 years.

HeadlineDJ operates as a Full-Time Independent DJ service and is not contracted through or affiliated with any Agency.

HeadlineDJ is not operated as a sideline or hobby in the spare time, and when not performing at weddings HeadlineDJ is busy dealing with client information or other aspects of the business which include Lighting Hire and Supercar Hire.

HeadlineDJ uniquely specialises in Wedding Receptions, and has become the preferred Wedding DJ at many long standing establishments, thus reflecting our level of professional conduct.

When a client decides to book our wedding DJ services we create a unique account for them on our website,
which grants them access to several planning tools.

This has been a much appreciated addition to our service as it takes a lot of the stress away from the reception planning
giving the client much more time and energy to focus on other things.

Some of our tools can also be used to plan other activities into the schedule thus giving people a printable timeline of their night.
We take our service levels beyond those normally associated with a Mobile Disco and prefer the title "Professional Wedding DJ".

HeadlineDJ's equipment has been carefully selected and applied, as we did not want to mimic or copy any other DJ in the area.
Most of our equipment is of a very high standard that is not normally used by DJs, this along with our professionalism gives us a much more independent image which we are very proud of.

HeadlineDJ provides YOU with a service to suit YOUR needs, we do not perform the same routine or playlists at any event ensuring that your event is as unique as you are!

HeadlineDJ is also a fully paid up member of the Musicians Union, showing our commitment to the music industry.
We also have every legal requirement in place which covers Insurances, Safety and Risk assessments,

HeadlineDJ goes even further by keeping an equipment maintenance schedule and log which can be viewed through this website or in person.
HeadlineDJ is also a non-smoker, with the smoking ban in force, we want you to be sure that HeadlineDJ will never sneak off for a cigarette break.

Professional Wedding DJ Hire

Exclusive Hire rates on our very own Aston Martin V12 Supercar

Wedding DJ - Professional Wedding services

HeadlineDJ is a Non-Smoking DJ Service
Free Phone Service Provided For ALL Booked Clients

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