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Uniquely Customised High Quality Equipment

Amazing Light Show Amazing, eye-catching mid-air light show focusing on the dance floor with a multitude of colourful beams.

Modular Wedding DJ setup Compact setup capable of fitting into most venues, expandable for larger venues.

Back-up Equipment In the event of unforeseen equipment failure, Back-up equipment is employed to prevent disappointment.

Elegant Equipment with Hidden Cables Equipment elegantly housed and all cables hidden from view, Safety and Aesthetics are important.

High Quality digital Amplification State of the art digitally amplified audio system providing amazing sound quality at comfortable volumes.

Colour Co-ordinate your DJ and DJ Area Choice of Colours for Setup-Table covering, Colour Co-ordinate the DJ Area to match your Venue.

Colour Match the Lighting to complement your Wedding Theme Optional Colour co-ordination of the lighting to match your wedding theme.

Basic Description of our Wedding DJ Setup

HeadlineDJ employs some of the worlds most highly regarded audio brands to provide our clients and their guests with an amazing aural experience.

Firstly we start with a Digital Playback system, this allows for amazing clarity and also to the benefit of your guests super fast request searches.

The audio signal is fed digitally into our digital mixer from where it then is transformed into a Balanced Line. Balanced Lines use mathmatics to sum up the signal and thus rejecting any noise which might normally be created by using cheap analogue cables.

The Balanced Line is fed directly into our Digital Amplifiers which also incorporate all the DSP (digital signal processing) and Speaker Profiles (these match the amplifiers exactly to the speakers).

Finally the audio chain is completed with the amplifiers sending the output along our expensive 3mm sq 4-core cable into the Speakers. At which point you and your guests enjoy the end result.

Our lighting is also of great concern to us and we always do our best to provide an awe inspiring show.

By using Discharge lighting (high pressure lamps) we can provide extremely vivid and rich colours where whites are really white, when compared next to halogen lighting our lights make the halogen units look magnolia or a creamy colour rather than brilliant white.

All of our lighting is controlled remotely by ourselves via DMX (digitally multiplexed signal), this allows us full control of any fitting at any time, ideal for cake cutting and First Dances.

Rather than plug and play we take a great deal of time to program light shows to complement the music and venues, we also have some fantastic laser programs that always WOW's the guests.

All the lighting is mounted using Tri-Lite Truss and this is supported by very high quality winch-stands so we can put the lighting to any height required up to 4 mtrs high.

We also have LED Up-Lighting available and we have a separate website which deals with this as it is offered as an upgrade package at Wedding Lites

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HeadlineDJ is a Non-Smoking DJ Service
Free Phone Service Provided For ALL Booked Clients

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