Crown xti custom panel designs

customised panels created for system Architect 1.4 and above.

Custom Dual Channel EQ/X-Over Panel - with Monitoring.

Custom Crown XTi Control Panel

DOWNLOAD PANEL HERE - right click and "Save As"

DOWNLOAD AS ZIP FILE HERE - right click and "Save As"


Harman Pro System Architect Custom PanelsHow to Import Custom XTi SA Panels

Select the panel design you want then click the link and "Save As". Save the panels to your chosen DIR and then start System Architect.
Connect your chosen Amplifier via USB to your PC and wait for the device to register.

Load up your Venue and Device files and make sure everything is ready before importing the custom panel.

Click on "PANEL" at the top and then select "Import Custom Panel", navigate to where you saved the panel and open it.

Please Note: These panels have been designed for my own personal use. You will have to import them and re-assign the panels control features to your own amplifier. This is done automatically via an on-screen wizard. Simply select the amplifer you wish to import the panel for from the list provided (please ensure you amplifer is connected).


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