Wedding Lites - Installation Guide

This section will try to explain how and where we can install the most common types of wedding lighting.
This will hopefully provide you with some ideas or even answers as to what can go where and what if any limitations there may be.

The most common form of wedding lighting is the floor standing uplighter. This is a metal round-shaped can, roughly about 12" tall off the floor. These are available from Weddinglites in a polished finish (not black). The most common place for these lights is close to a wall, in corners or around the sides of marquees.

The main concern with these lights is where and how the cables are to be run in order to power and control the effects. Please think about cables where doors or access points will be, distances as our lights cannot be placed more than 5 meters apart. Remote units can be placed up to 20 meters away though this can only be achieved for 2 units maximum the rest would have to remain within the 5 meter limit between each unit. The First unit in the chain can be 10 meters from where the DJ is setup, then up to 5 meter intervals for the remaining units.


It will be possible to have 6 uplighters in one room and 6 uplighters in another adjoining room, so long as the distance to the second chain of lights is under 30 meters.

Moodbars can be placed remotely so long as a power outlet is within reach of their intended position, when set to static colours these units only require a power connection, if more complex routines are required then a signal control cable must also be used to link the two panels, this cable would probably need to navigate around or across doorways.

Moving heads are similar to Moodbars in the way they connect, these work best positioned higher up such as on a balcony or lighting truss to provide the best effect.

Please always remember about Health & Safety when thinking about special lighting, trip hazards, cable laying and any chance of water ingress.

If you have further need of information, please send HeadlineDJ an email with your questions and we will endeavor to answer them as best we can.

HeadlineDJ and Weddinglites has £10m Public Liability Insurance, in order to remain covered we may have to decline specific requests for lighting if we deem it to be unsafe or hazardous.