Wedding Venue Lighting - a few ideas

Function Room in Hotel Chain
Wedding Venues: Hotel Function Rooms
Most hotels now have their own dedicated function suite which is usually where your wedding reception will take place. Some of these are custom built for this purpose whereas others may simply use an old ballroom or a room built primarily for other purposes.
Dedicated function rooms can really benefit from the use of Uplighting as they can turn a bland plain looking wall and ceiling into an area filled with lush colour, imagine draping fine coloured silk down each wall to make the venue look more cozy, then imagine as the mood of the evening picks up these rich silk colours can then be changed to follow the mood and pace of the evening.
In older function suits which may be more heavily decorated uplighting can be a problem, however if the room has a feature like an arch or alcoves then these can be highlighted bringing more dimension to the room and of course colour.
Think of a hotel function room as a blank canvas but with some primer already applied.

Castle lighting can enhance your wedding reception
Wedding Venues: Castles and Private Estates
These stately wedding venues can be a very impressive sight for your guests, however adding a splash of colour can enhance these wonderful buildings. Uplighting into stone carved window bays can result in a beautiful effect both inside and out. The use of moving heads to spot out any architectural features is not to be missed as these can project light over a great distance, so you're not confined to power sockets and extension reels.
Fireplaces are always a dominant feature and look amazing when highlighted with fiery Red's and a lapping of Yellow. Of course you can always go with the season and use the colours that best match the time of your wedding.

Marquees offer a blank canvas for colour use
Wedding Venues: Marquees and Extensions
From the word go a Marquee or an Extension Marquee is regarded as a blank Canvas. Mainly provided in pure white these lay themselves fully open to specialised wedding lighting. Excellent surfaces for colouring and projection.
any side can be any colour and for those who are very meticulous on their planning can easily colour co-ordinate the wedding reception areas. For weddings where the seating is boy-girl-boy-girl, you can for example employ Blue-Pink-Blue-Pink lighting around the Marquee sides, later this can colour change when the dancing begins. Remember what ever is projected onto the inside of a marquee can also be seen on the outside, so custom GOBO's can be of real use here allowing others outside to see them. The beauty with modern mood lighting is the use of LED's which take little power so loading on the generators is hardly ever an issue.

Uplighting used outdoors can give dramatic yet subtle effects
Wedding Venues: Summer Weddings (Dry Weather)
Summer weddings can owe themselves to using lighting outdoors. Mother nature in all her glory can always look better with the use of subtle uplighting, such as trees and bushes which can be made to look fairy-tale like with light pinks and pale blues, Magentas on lower bushes to add a striking contrast with the already green foliage. Pathways can be cross-lit, doorways framed with light or with moving heads beams of coloured light can be projected skyward or onto far away buildings.

Whatever your wedding venue consists of, adding colour can almost always enhance the mood, the look and the photographs.
The only real limitation is your imagination, of course equipment always has it's limitations but do not let this stem the flow of ideas from your mind, if you're unsure about a particular thought, ask weddinglites for advise.